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BETA-TESTER MAKES $1800 IN THEIR FIRST 30 DAYS USING THIS Instantly create MULTIPLE set & forget passive income streams.

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Start banking SERIOUSLY in as little as 24 hours from right now 2-in-1 software AUTOMATES Your Traffic & Website Completely With 10x Engagement PROOF of life-changing results from marketers of ALL levels


We’re Not Talking About People Making $2.47 Every 3 Days


The Passive Income Myth​​ Sure – we ALL want it – but what do we find inside products that promise it?

Systems that require a TON of work upfront, ongoing time & usually a LOT of money to keep going.​

Most so-called passive income methods are anything BUT passive, often involving SEVERAL of the following:

Suddenly ‘passive’ becomes more like ‘full-time job’. WITHOUT the guaranteed paycheck.

You have to build an email list – then master the art of email marketing

You have to create & sell products – even if you have no clue how to do it

You’ll have to learn how to record & publish videos

Spend hours spamming groups on social media while ENDLESSLY posting on forums

Learn how to write ads, then pay for traffic

What Hands-Free Profits ACTUALLY Look Like

What If We Told You That DOZENS Of Beta Testers Are Successfully Using a NEW Method To Create Fully-Automated, Passive Income NEWS Sites In Minutes …

Just by tapping into 100% free traffic & viral content created by others.

We Make CONSISTENT Monthly Income WITHOUT Spending A Dime On Traffic OR Updating these NEWS sites – EVER

This breakthrough approach is banking marketers of any level consistent, hands-free income.. It’s SO EFFECTIVE that it will save you boatloads of time, money & frustration …

Keep reading and you’ll see EXACTLY how people just like you are finally making hands-free commissions online.

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