CPA Income Boss. Before we get started, Let’s make one thing very very clear. We like to keep things simple and straight to the point.

No fluff, no BS. Just pure content. Making money online can be very easy once you have a system in place, and for me, I believe paid traffic is the fastest and easiest way to money online period. I like to set up paid traffic systems that give me consistent ROI, meaning for every $1 I spend on advertising, I receive $2 or more back each time.

With this system, we will be advertising Simple CPA Offers on AdPad, very few have heard about this traffic source and no one else is teaching it. AdPad is keyword-based advertising just like Google and Bing.

AdPad traffic is very affordable and best of all you can get started advertising on AdPad for as low as $1, yes you heard right only $1 single dollar will. I would recommend spending at least $5 or more to test out different keywords to find the most profitable ones.

AdPad accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal as account funding options. AdPad has a very user-friendly and easy account dashboard, and you are also assigned your own personal dedicated account manager, who will assist you with any questions you may have.

Now in this section, we will go over what is required of you in order to profit with this super simple system I have set in place for us. You must sign up for an AdPad advertising account since we will be advertising CPA Offers on AdPad.

Since this is paid traffic you will need to have an advertising budget to start with, but as mentioned before AdPad accepts PayPal payments as low as $1. I do recommend starting out with at least $5+ to do some testing with different CPA Offers. (Recommended amount is $30)

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