Affiliate Marketing is plain and simply a method of marketing where you can earn a commission or fee for promoting other people’s products or services.

You, the Affiliate agree to promote those products and or services via your webpage, your blog, your email campaigns, or whatever method is allowed, and any sales you make will earn you the Affiliate a set fee/commission or an agreed percentage payment.

Affiliate Marketing if done right can be very lucrative, many people earn a good living just by promoting other people’s products. As an Affiliate Marketer, you don’t have to worry about creating your own product and you won’t have to deal with customers or customer support issues.

Your main skill set needed to become an Affiliate Marketer is some basic internet marketing knowledge and more importantly “the desire to succeed” There are lots of different ways to become successful at Affiliate Marketing and there are lots of different programs, merchants, and vendors out there who are more than willing to pay you their Affiliate a decent percentage of commission over to you for promoting their products.

With most affiliate programs the typical commission you can earn is between 30% and in some cases 100% although averaged out, 50% is a more realistic baseline. There are lots of affiliate programs out there, and the majority of them are absolutely free of charge to join. Affiliate Marketing can, when done right, be very worthwhile.

When you join an affiliate marketing program, you are either given a unique identifying number or name or you choose your own unique identifier. No two people in the same program have the same number or name. Your link is specific to you and you alone.

The program operator then uses this unique identifier to track all the leads /visitors you send to their site. When one of these leads/visitors purchases “You” are credited with the sale and allocated the percentage commission for that sale. 95% of affiliate programs have reliable tracking systems in place.

When you send a visitor to the program owners’ website, that visitor is “logged” as having been sent to the site via your unique affiliate link, even if they don’t purchase on the first visit, there is a chance that when they return at a later date to purchase, you can still get credited for the sale, this is because most programs use “cookies” to store information about their visitors, as long the visitor you originally sent hasn’t picked another cookie up or deleted/cleared their cookies on their computer you are still credited with the sale for that visitor.

In case you’ve ever wondered, that’s the reason why these big-name marketers always tell you how to delete your cookies before you go to order something that they are promoting. They do this for two reasons. One they want to ensure that they get credited for the sale and two, you get the bonuses they are offering. All programs work differently and it’s a good idea to try and find out what system your program owner is using. For example, with Clickbank® it is always the last cookie that gets the sale allocated to their account. With others, it can be the first cookie or a cookie that is for a set period of time.

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