S Q U E E Z I N G ” T R A F F I C I N T O L E A D S

The most important tool in my business as an online marketer, coach, and affiliate is the use of email marketing to drive sales and turn leads into customers.

As a result, my team and I spend countless hours considering new ways to “squeeze” traffic that lands on various pages across our brands into leads by capturing email addresses and contact information.

This swipe file includes 59 headlines that we’ve tested across “squeeze pages” (more to come on that in just a moment), landing pages, sales pages, and heck… even video titles.

Feel free to copy/paste them into your own funnels and feel the benefit of turning more traffic into leads for yourself.

To learn how to turn these leads into customers through the power of email marketing, watch this free 3-part video series that explains the 3 biggest failures with email marketing I’m regularly hired to fix by paying clients: Failed entries, failed opens, and failed clicks.

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