His strategies get more powerful every day

I’m very inspired by the success of this author. He was working a minimum-wage job when he decided to launch a short book. The wave of success that hit him was overwhelming. He couldn’t believe it was happening.

But it was happening. It was real. He then began to study how he had achieved this massive success. He realized that he had taken steps that pretty much guaranteed his success. And I am here to tell you something very important:

His strategies get more powerful every day Day by day, these methods get even more powerful. People’s attention spans are shrinking constantly. People are busier than ever. They desire short books that get right to the point. Like a quick snack that they can grab and eat on the run. The Twitter Culture has taken over completely.

And we will use that to our advantage. He is currently using these same techniques for his latest books and he is hitting home run after home run, launch after launch. I always recommend you follow up a successful book with a second book in the series. Book series are where the real royalties are.

This is exactly what he is doing. First, let’s look at how he concentrated his ideas down into a very short book. And then we’ll take a look at the book itself. And his yacht. 🙂

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